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Primary Contacts: Kim James CPA, Staci Brogan CPA, Sarah Piot CPA

The Schneider Downs Not-for-Profit industry group has compiled the following resources and links that may provide useful tools and information for your organization.

Not-for-Profit IRS Resources

Not-for-Profit Industry Resources

Not-for-Profit Accounting Resources

Not-for-Profit Software Solutions

About the Schneider Downs Not-for-Profit Industry Group

Our Not-for-Profit industry group is committed to providing exceptional service and expertise to a community of clients who serve our regions tirelessly each day. Through integrated service delivery, Schneider Downs understands that not-for-profit organizations, as stewards of charitable assets, are accountable to numerous constituencies: boards of directors or trustees, donors, grantors, regulatory authorities and the public.

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case studies
                                    Company impacted by ransomware.
big problem:
Company impacted by ransomware.
big thinking:
Restore system on-site and avoid six-figure ransom.
                                    Inefficient tax credit realization.
big problem:
Inefficient tax credit realization.
big thinking:
Identified a $900,000 tax credit, nearly twice as much as prior years.
our thoughts on
Not-for-Profit, Tax BY Sarah Piot
Not-For-Profit Tax Credit Opportunities Included in the Inflation Reduction Act
Update on GLBA for Higher Ed
Single Audit Reporting Reminders
Understanding Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Audit and Reporting Requirements
IRS Delays Release of Nonprofit Returns
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